America – Interview

The unforgettable authors of “A Horse With No Name” are preparing to return to Italy, on August 5th at the Porto Turistico di Boretto (RE).
We had the pleasure and honor of interviewing one of founders, Gerry Beckley. An interesting trip through the past and future of musicians who not only did ​​the history of rock, but also know how to bring it forward, through decades and generations.

After less than a year, America are already back to perform in Italy, with our great pleasure. What joins you so much to our country?
Gerry Beckley: We love Italy and will jump for any opportunity to come and play our music.

Are there any Italian musicians whom you have had pleasant encounters, or that you appreciate?
G.B: I’ve known Alberto Fortis for many years. We saw him again the last time we toured Italy.

After a more than 40 years old career, is there a place where you would like to play and where you’ve never been?
G.B: We’ve never played in Scandinavia. I would love to visit there one day.

Musically speaking, what is a genre that you’d like to experience?
G.B: I like all kinds of music. We’ve recently been playing some symphony shows. Those are always great.

What are the main differences and difficulties that may be encountered by moving from an indipendent label contract to a major label one, including internationally renowned producers and so?
G.B: Each recording project is a unique experience. A major label can be quite different from a small indie label but each have their strengths & weaknesses.

What prompted you to turn again to a major label for the release of “Here and Now”, after more than 20 years?
G.B: It was the right time and the right project. Adam & James were really great to work with.

In addition to an excellent career on the stage, you were also authors of several soundtracks. What is difference between creative and composition process for a normal studio album and the one for a movie soundtrack?
G.B: A soundtrack is more like work for hire. When someone approaches you for your input on their existing project.

Your last album “Back Pages” contains several cover, and many believe when a band is reduced to do some cover publications, it’s because it has come to an end. How do you respond to this?
G.B: Not true. The first Beatles recordings had many cover songs. James Taylor is as well known for his beautiful cover versions of songs as he is for his original material.

Ron Howard is going to shoot a new film about early career of the Beatles. Have you ever thought to immortalize your career with a documentary shot by an internationally renowned director?
G.B: Great idea! We should do that. Do you have Steven Spielberg’s number?

Your music involved several generations. What is the message that it can still give today, to the 2014 youth?
G.B: What we do night after night changes very little. The venue, the audience & the event itself is what changes.

What are America future plans?
G.B: We have no current plans to release a new album, but there are several original songs from Dewey and I in the can that might be considered for future release. We have also discussed recording songs for a Back Pages Vol. II.

Thank you Gerry!
G.B: Thank you!

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